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GATE, The Warcrimes Edition!

Gentlemen and token homosexual at the table. Welcome to the worst planned campaign I have ever run. Were going to regret everything, especially me.

This campaign is inspired by the anime, GATE. Where the JSDF enters a portal that opens in the center of Tokyo that leads to a new world. The new world is of a medieval technology with moderate to low fantasy elements. In our game scenario, the gate has opened in TO BE DETERMINED. They have allowed a global organization named TO BE DETERMINED to enter the gate. They are backed by the various governments of the our world to be sent through the gate into this new world. You players will play a recon squad tasked with accessing the local area and if possible, the locals. How will it play out? Who will commit warcrimes? Who is going to be the first to die of magical gonorrhea? Find out next time, on warcrimes of the medieval variety Z!

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Giving you people guns was probably a mistake jarrodtpelt jarrodtpelt