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Homebrew Ruleset notes:

The Warhammer 40k “Only War” system will serve as the basis to our core rules with supplementary rules pulled from other systems as they are needed. Stats, main mechanics, character progression, will be done by the “Only War” system. Any PDF files with rules we are using will be linked below and commented further as those rules are selected and refined.

(Right Click → Save Link As on "Only War Core Rulebook)

Any combat performed in this system will use the metric system. Dont know it? Tough shit quit being retarded.

All players at the table should have a light read of the “Only War” Pdf sections as follows:
[General Mechanics: Ignoring fate rules and gravity nonsense; Pages 28-38]
[Skills: General non-combat dice rolls and shit; Pages 112-116]
[Combat: It’s long, but its meat and potatoes so shut up; Pages 240-281]

Large-scale campaign flow
-Shits divided up in hexes
-Hexes take X amount of time to explore properly
-Maybe you find things, maybe you find fucking trees

Reference Pages:
Weapons and Items
Combat Reference
Character Creation

Campaign Homebrew Rules Start

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